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Ethereum Bond is set to Become New Debit Card

Jan 12, 2018 (AB Digital via COMTEX) --


Ethereum Bond is striving to provide real-world money usage due to active value management and super-fast worldwide transactions.

“We are dedicated to provide a value stable crypto currency at lightning speed to those who call,” stated Gabriel from Ethereum Bond.  “Generally, an Ethereum transaction arrives within 1 to 30 minutes depending on network load. This is faster than a bank transfer, but not fast enough to buy a coffee-to-go. We are closing this gap now!”


So-called interchange fees of market leading credit card services are charging shopkeepers up to 1.5% of the turnover. If their margin is only 10% this means loosing 15% of the profit!

Ethereum Bond will deliver a much more cost-efficient worldwide secure payment method to every shopkeeper with a simple to use smartphone app. At the same time customers interacting with this network shall undergo a resistance free and straight forward user experience of using digital money.


The company is to be the pioneer in the field of value stable crypto coins, first being focusing on real world applications instead of serving the needs of exchange markets or market makers. The first Global Bank of Crypto is to be built upon it which would, in turn, protect the value of their coin and their users.

“The EUR zone has a neutral balance of trade which is a stability indicator of a currency. The U.S.A have an actual balance of trade deficit of around -50 billion USD. Nobody building up a stable currency should start pegging on USD at the moment,” says Gabriel form Ethereum Bond.


They have announced an initial coin offering going live in the 1st quarter of 2018 in order to issue an Ethereum token based crowdfunding. People who participate on this initial coin offering (abbr. ICO) will get profit shares which will be also tradable on exchanges – producing returns and value gains.

The company tokens will also receive voting rights in order to realize a true decentralized company driven community institution.

Details being announced on their Twitter and Facebook feed. Visit the company website at for details.

Media Contact
Company Name: Ethereum Bond
Contact Person: Mr. Gabriel
Phone: +436507767748
Country: Austria

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