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Russian Federation : The quality of crop production in the Kursk region is improving

Dec 06, 2018 (Euclid Infotech Ltd via COMTEX) --

The head of the Kursk branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Grain Quality Assessment Center Elena Kolmogorova says that the branch monitors the grain yield annually. About 60% of the harvested crop is checked on average. Monitoring is carried out during the period of mass harvesting in the region in order to obtain complete and objective information about the quality of the new crop crops. During the 2018 harvest, specialists from the Kursk branch surveyed more than 2 million tons of grain crops, of which 1.4 million tons of wheat, about 450 thousand tons of barley, 7.6 thousand tons of rye and over 424 thousand tons of corn. According to experts, the yield of grain crops in the Kursk region is quite high, although slightly lower than last year.

Winter wheat is traditionally the most productive crop. Of the surveyed wheat of the current crop, 44% are in food condition and 56% are feed. 7% of food grains correspond to class III and 37% - class IV. The highest quality grain was produced in the Shchigrovsky and Cheremisinovsky districts - over 75% of the food condition, in Kastorinsky - 72%, and the Sudzhansky - 65.6%. In these areas, the share of food grains is significantly higher than in other areas of the Kursk region. This is primarily due to the high level of agrotechnical measures, the justified application of mineral fertilizers, the timely use of pesticides to control pests, weeds and diseases of agricultural crops, the use of zoned and highly productive varieties.

The barley of the 2018 harvest meets brewing conditions by 70.3%, of which Class I corresponds to 5.4%, Class II - 64.8%. In the region this year more than 1 million tons of maize grain was received. According to preliminary data, as a result of research, 39.4% of maize was obtained, which goes for food purposes and 60.6% for fodder.

This year, the region will supply corn for both starch and food concentrates industry, and for processing into cereals and flour. In the past years, corn was produced in the Kursk region only for feed purposes.

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