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Flow Chemistry Market Size will witness a CAGR of approximately 11 % between 2019 and 2026

Sep 15, 2020 (Market Insight Reports) --

Flow chemistry is a technology in which chemical reactions are run in a continuous flowing stream and not in batches. In the process, pumps are used to facilitate the movement of fluid into a tube and when these fluids come in contact with each other, reaction takes place. The technique has enabled many chemical processes to be more efficient, cleaner, safer, cheaper and faster.

Chemical industry is the primary user of continuous flow technology as the bulk chemical manufacturers such as fertilizer and sugar manufacturers deal with low price and high-volume products and hence are highly dependent on productivity to deliver the desired volume. As flow chemistry makes bulk processing quite easy and economical, the technology is being adopted by many chemical manufactures worldwide. The technology is generally used to undergo reactions which are hazardous in nature such as oxidation, hydrogenation, halogenation etc.

for sample:

Strengthening chemical sector of Asia Pacific is one of the major contributors for increasing demand of flow chemistry in the region. The chemical industry of Asia Pacific contributed around USD 2.6 trillion to the overall GDP of APAC making it one of biggest industries in the region. The chemical sector in the region is strongly driven by rising demand for cosmetic, soaps and detergents as emerging economies are shifting towards consumer- led economy supported by increasing middle class population in countries such as China, India and Japan.

Flow chemistry also have few disadvantages. For instance, heterogenous mixtures can be a bit difficult to process as a result of clogging in reaction tubing. Furthermore, if the chemical reaction is slow, the process does not provide any such advantages over batch processing.

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