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Retail Buyers Introduced to OnMi "Patch it On" Supplements at ECRM's 'Healthy Living, Vitamins & Nutrition Program'


OnMi "Patch It On" dietary supplements went on 50 dates last week with buyers from large and small retail chains in the United States.

OnMi took part in ECRM's"Healthy Living, Vitamins & Nutrition Program," an industry leader that brings together retail buyers and manufacturers of new products in one-on-one meetings.

"We are quite excited that buyers from major retailers in the United States got to learn about OnMi vitamin and plant-based supplements," said Ryan McFarlane, COO of OnMi, a Miami-based health and wellness company. "We developed a transdermal patch that makes it easy for anyone to take their daily essential vitamins.

McFarlane emphasized that OnMi delivers vitamins and botanicals without sugar and potentially harmful filler ingredients.

"OnMi's 'Patch it On' supplements also avoid the gastro-intestinal tract where gastric acids can reduce the effectiveness of nutritional supplements that are swallowed," he added.

OnMi supplements stand apart from other nutritional supplements because of their delivery method and ingredients, or more importantly, what is not in OnMi supplements.

"Our delivery method is perfect for many people who have trouble swallowing pills," McFarlane said. "With OnMi, all you have to do is put the patch on your arm.

"Plus, our vitamins don't have ingredients used for manufacturing purposes, such as lubricants added for the machines that make the pills or tablets," he added.

McFarlane said consumers don't realize many dietary supplements contain 10 percent vitamins and 90 percent filler ingredients, such as silicon dioxide and microcrystalline cellulose, which are potentially harmful.

"Our patch supplements deliver 100 percent vitamins and botanicals without the filler ingredients," he said.

OnMi developed supplements that fit everyone's needs:

-- Vitamin: This patch is an easy way to get your daily essential vitamins, with no fillers or sugar.

-- Crave-Less: This patch helps you say no to cravings with focus and energy.

-- Relax: This patch promotes relaxation and helps you manage everyday stress.

-- Energy: This power-up patch provides sustainable energy with a boost of antioxidants.

-- Healthy Weight: This patch supports healthy weight maintenance along with a balanced diet and exercise.

-- Hangover: Boost your body's ability to bounce back by replenishing essential vitamins plus guarana.

-- Sleep: This patch supports healthy sleep cycles and promotes quality rest.

OnMi products, which only contain plant-based ingredients and vitamins, are also Non-GMO, Hypoallergenic, Paraben Free, Dye Free, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, and Latex Free.

"This is an exciting year for OnMi," McFarlane said. "We are looking to follow up with the retailers our representative met at ECRM. We are optimistic that the retailers will see that many consumers want an alternative to pill-popping their vitamins."

For more information, visit


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Robert Grant
OnMi Patch It On
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