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Smile Beverage Werks(R) Earns Prestigious BPI Certification for Their Commercially Compostable Coffee Pods

Darien, Connecticut, Jul 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via COMTEX) --

The Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) awarded Smile Beverage Werks(R) commercially compostable, K-cup compatible coffee pods its prestigious environmental certification. The BPI Certification is a rigorous, science-driven process. Vetted products are tested to ASTM D6400 and D6868 standards and meet additional restrictions on carcinogens, BPA, and fluorinated chemicals like PFAS. The BPI mark enables consumers to identify and trust an item is compostable and can be diverted with food scraps where programs exist. Smile Beverage Werks(R) is proud that all of its Coffee Werks' pods and materials have been certified by BPI.

Smile Beverage Werks(R) continues to disrupt the coffee pod industry by empowering consumers to compost conveniently. Our pod commercially composts whole, eliminating the messy task of cleaning and separating the pieces of a coffee pod to make it recyclable. No rinsing is needed to prep our pods for the recycling bin, aiding water conservation efforts. All excess plastic bagging has also been eliminated without comprising freshness. Our pods have a 12+ month shelf life. Smile Beverage Werks(R) offers private label opportunities to reduce plastic pollution derived within the coffee pod industry. Plastic pods can sit in landfills for hundreds of years resulting in negative environmental impacts, such as leaked chemicals into watershed, pollution, and microplastics in the environment.

"This is a major breakthrough that allows any coffee company with plastic or carbon reduction goals to quickly switch from their plastic pods to a less burdensome, compostable pod, all while obtaining their corporate sustainability goals," says Frankie Schuster, Co-Founder of Smile Coffee Werks(R). "Fortunately, we have associations like BPI that help give the consumer confidence. At Smile Coffee Werks, we're dedicated to making it easy and convenient to 'Go Green with a Smile.' If everyone makes small changes in their consumption and waste habits, we'll see big environmental changes. We're all in this together."

Smile Coffee Werks(R) is committed to sustainability in all aspects of its production: We source beans from only Rainforest Alliance Certified farms; our pods are manufactured in a facility using wind, solar, and hydropower; our cartons are made from recycled materials; our supply chain is certified climate neutral by ClimatePartner; and our products are certified USDA Biobased Products and certified commercially compostable by BPI. We're very proud of our mission to make going green as easy as drinking a delicious cup of coffee. Our pods can be bought online at Walmart, Amazon, and

To learn more about Smile Coffee Werks(R), visit

Smile Coffee Werks(R) is a registered trademark of Smile Beverage Werks, PBC. Nespresso is a registered trademark of Nestle. Keurig and K-Cups are registered trademarks of Keurig Dr Pepper. Smile Beverage Werks is not connected or associated in any way with Nespresso, Nestle, Keurig or Keurig Dr Pepper.

About Smile Beverage Werks PBC

Smile Beverage Werks, PBC is a Delaware Public Benefits Corporation with a sustainability mission. We are committed to developing and manufacturing compostable food and beverage packaging including single-use coffee pods, straws, and bags. Founded by serial entrepreneur Michael Sands and green construction expert Frank Schuster, Smile Beverage Werks(R) produces the only commercially compostable, carbon neutral coffee pods not requiring any additional film for shelf life or a separation of lid, filter, and grounds for disposal. Smile Beverage Werks(R) pods are compatible with Nespresso Classic and Keurig brewing systems. Follow @smilecoffeewerks on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram or visit our website to learn more.


-- <a target="_blank" href="">Compostable Coffee Pods</a>

-- <a target="_blank" href="">Compostable Coffee Pods</a>

-- <a target="_blank" href="">Compostable Coffee Pods</a>

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Media Company: Smile Beverage Werks,
Media Name: Allyson Trice,
Media Phone: 315-430-2126,
Media Email:,
Media URL:

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