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USDA - AMS: California Weekly Grain Report (2020-07-16)

USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture - July 16, 2020

Portland, OR   Thu July 16, 2020    USDA Market News

CA Weekly Grain Report                      Compared to July 9, 2020 

NOTICE:  As Market News transitions reports to the MARS platform and 
My Market News, report formats will be converted from a text version 
to a more user-friendly and accessible PDF format. In the next few weeks,
this report will move to the new platform and will be accessible at: 
If you would like to learn more about MARS and My Market News,
please contact us at
Paid by feed manufacturers and other users, delivered plant or 
receiving station.  All prices are offers for prompt shipment unless 
otherwise stated.

**Due to limited availability, prices were not available with the 
exception of the following categories:**

Dollars Per Cwt. -Bulk-
BARLEY  US No 2 (46-lbs. per bushel)
    Kings-Tulare-Fresno Counties                 9.25         unch                

CORN  US No 2 Yellow
    Glenn                                   sale 7.95         no comp
                                    Non GMO sale 8.15-8.35    no comp
    Turlock/Tulare                               8.11         dn .35   
                                           Basis 1.24+U       dn .01 
  Rail: Single Car Units via BNSF
    Los Angeles-Chino Valley                     8.38         dn .31     
                                           Basis 1.39+U       up .01     
    Stockton-Modesto-Oakdale-Turlock             8.42         dn .34   
                                           Basis 1.41+U       dn .01  
    Kings-Tulare-Fresno Counties                 8.42         dn .34       
                                           Basis 1.41+U       dn .01   

SORGHUM  US No 2 Yellow (Milo)
  Rail: Los Angeles-Chino Valley via BNSF        10.18        up .22-.20   
                                           Basis 2.40         up .31-.30         
WHEAT  US No 2 or better - Soft White Wheat
 (Domestic Values for Flour Milling)
    King                                         9.50         unch   
WHEAT  US No 2 or better - Hard Red Winter
 (Domestic Values for Flour Milling)
    Kern                                         8.50         no comp      
    King                                         9.50         unch  
Seven-Day Reporting Period Ending Thu, July 16, 2020
Point of Sales             Price per       Shipment       Basis of
  County                    Cwt             Period         Sale
WHEAT, US No 2 or better, Hard Red Winter Wheat 13% Protein
  No confirmed sales.                                                
WHEAT, US No 2 or better, Hard White Wheat 13% Protein
  No confirmed sales.                                               
WHEAT, US No 1, Hard Amber Durum for Flour Milling
  No confirmed sales.                                       
BARLEY, US No 2, 48 lbs per bushel
  No confirmed sales                                                                                               
YELLOW CORN, US No 2 or better
  Glen              7.95                   Spot            FOB
            Non GMO 8.15-8.35              Spot            FOB
SORGHUM, US No 2 or better
  No confirmed sales.

AH = As Harvested  N = Nominal      FH  = First Half  Ltd = Limited
OC = Old Crop      NC = New Crop    LH  = Last Half   Ind = Indicated
Del = Delivered    Inc = Including  No Comp = No Comparison
NFE = Not Fully Established         N = Nominal        
BNSF = Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Railroad
TBD = To Be Determined U.P. = Union Pacific Railroad

Chicago and Kansas City Board of Trade's month symbols: F = January, 
H = March, K = May, N = July, Q = August, U = September, V = October, 
X = November, Z = December

Source:  USDA Market News Service, Portland, OR
         Brian Personius 503-535-5001
         24 hour price information 503-535-5005

1205P bdp

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