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USDA - AMS: Central Kansas Terminal & Processor Daily Grain Report (2019-01-16)

USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture - January 16, 2019

Dodge City, KS     Wed, Jan 16, 2019     USDA-KS Dept of Ag Market News

Central Kansas Terminal and Processor Daily Grain Report

                                TERMINAL HRW WHEAT ORD US NO 1
                     Bids          Change (/bu)           Basis               Change
Atchison            4.4850              UNCH                -47H                UNCH
Topeka              4.8250              UNCH                -13H                UNCH
Concordia           4.7050              UNCH                -25H                UNCH
Salina           4.8050-4.8250          UNCH            -15H to -13H            UNCH
Great Bend          4.7050              UNCH                -25H                UNCH
Newton              4.6150              UNCH                -34H                UNCH
Hutchinson       4.6150-4.8550          UNCH            -34H to -10H            UNCH
Wichita          4.7750-4.8550          UNCH            -18H to -10H            UNCH
Wellington          4.7550              UNCH                -20H                UNCH
Arkansas City       4.7550              UNCH                -20H                UNCH

                                TERMINAL HWW WHEAT ORD US NO 2
                     Bids          Change (/bu)           Basis               Change
Wichita             4.8550              UNCH                -10H                UNCH

                                TERMINAL US NO 2 YELLOW CORN
                     Bids          Change (/bu)           Basis               Change
Atchison            3.6800            UP 2.75               -6H                 UNCH
Topeka              3.6800            UP 2.75               -6H                 UNCH
Salina              3.4400            UP 2.75               -30H                UNCH
Newton              3.2200            UP 2.75               -52H                UNCH
Hutchinson       3.4100-3.5400        UP 2.75           -33H to -20H            UNCH
Wellington          3.3600            UP 2.75               -38H                UNCH
Arkansas City       3.3600            UP 2.75               -38H                UNCH

                                TERMINAL US NO 2 SORGHUM
                     Bids          Change (/cwt)          Basis               Change
Topeka               6.68               UP 5                OptH                UNCH
Concordia            5.61               UP 5                -60H                UNCH
Salina             5.96-6.05         UP 4-UP 5          -40H to -35H            UNCH
Hutchinson         5.52-5.96         UP 5-UP 4          -65H to -40H            UNCH
Wellington         5.59-5.88            UP 5            -61H to -45H            UNCH
Arkansas City        5.57               UP 5                -62H                UNCH
Great Bend           5.66               UP 5                -57H                UNCH

                                TERMINAL US NO 2 SOYBEANS
                     Bids          Change (/bu)           Basis               Change
Atchison            8.3650            UP 1.25               -58H                UNCH
Topeka              8.3650            UP 1.25               -58H                UNCH
Salina           7.8950-7.9450        UP 1.25          -105H to -100H           UNCH
Newton              7.8050            UP 1.25              -114H                UNCH
Hutchinson       7.8050-7.8450        UP 1.25          -114H to -110H           UNCH
Wichita             7.9050            UP 1.25              -104H                UNCH
Wellington          7.8450            UP 1.25              -110H                UNCH
Arkansas City       7.8150            UP 1.25              -113H                UNCH

                                PROCESSOR US NO 2 YELLOW CORN
                     Bids          Change (/bu)           Basis               Change
Atchison            3.6800            UP 2.75               -6H                 UNCH

                                PROCESSOR US NO 2 SOYBEANS
                     Bids          Change (/bu)           Basis               Change
Emporia             8.3950            UP 1.25               -55H                UNCH
Wichita             8.3150            UP 1.25               -63H                UNCH

* All bids are $/bu except Sorghum, which is $/cwt.

Chicago Board of Trade month symbols: F January, G February, H March, J April,
K May, M June, N July, Q August, U September, V October, X November, Z December

Source: USDA-KS Department of Ag Market News Service, Dodge City, KS
        Sharon Smith  620-227-8881

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