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USDA - AMS: Fluid Milk and Cream Review - Central (2020-10-16)

USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture - October 16, 2020


     Fluid Milk and Cream - Central U.S.

     Report 42 - Released on October 15, 2020

     Milk yields have begun to show signs of growth according to Class I and Class III operators
     in the Midwest. There were multiple reports of single digit percentages of milk growth in
     the region from respective plant operators. In the southern Central area, weather is
     becoming more optimal for production, as well. Both monthly and annual yields are reportedly
     growing in Texas. Class I orders continue to edge higher, as more school districts are
     opening their doors nationwide. Still, with growing milk supplies, availability is not
     limited into all Classes. Cheese producers reported more offers, both below and above Class
     III pricing. Spot milk trading activity is and has been somewhat quiet, as cheese producers
     are more often using internally sourced milk supplies. Cream availability is somewhat mixed.
     Butter makers are beginning to pull from Western suppliers, as locally sourced cream is
     moving into Class II and III production. Seasonal retail pushes for staples like dips and
     cream cheese have pushed more cream into those manufacturing outlets. All that said, cream
     remains available for those outlets, while some butter makers say multiples are pushing
     toward the top end of their financial reach. Corn conditions in the Midwest, in most facets,
     are well ahead of the five-year average. Fall harvest reports are generally moving well
     ahead of previous years' timeframes on bean and corn fields. Winter wheat planting is also
     ahead of schedule in the Midwest and south Central areas that have received enough rain.
     Farmers in dry areas are hopeful for some rainfall soon.

     Price Range - Class III Milk; $/CWT; Spot Basis:   -1.00 -  1.00
     Trade Activity: Slow

     Midwestern U.S., F.O.B. Cream
     Multiples Range - All Classes:               1.2500 - 1.3500
     Price Range - Class II; $/LB Butterfat:      1.8602 - 1.9467
     Multiples Range - Class II:                  1.2900 - 1.3500

     Information for the period October 12 - 16, 2020, issued weekly
     Published by:
     Dairy Market News - Madison, WI
     ISRAEL WEBER, 608-422-8601

     Additional Dairy Market News Information:
     Dairy Market News (DMN) by Phone: (608)422-8602
     DMN Website:
     DMN MARS (My Market News):

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