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USDA - AMS: Fluid Milk and Cream Review - Central (2020-11-20)

USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture - November 20, 2020


     Fluid Milk and Cream - Central U.S.

     Report 47 - Released on November 19, 2020

     Milk continues to steadily increase in most of the region, according to contacts. Some
     farmers continue to relay slight downticks from the self-imposed herd size drawdowns of the
     spring. Still, as the NASS Milk Production report points out, overall milk production was
     higher in every state within the region for the second consecutive month. Milk is available
     for all uses. Particularly as Class I sales pale in comparison to previous years with
     limited to lighter school milk sales, as more schools close their physical doors even in
     parts of the region where in-school learning was planned/attempted. Cheesemakers reported
     highly available milk supplies as low as $5 under Class. And again this week, there were
     offers reportedly quite a bit lower than that. Cream end users reported mixed views this
     week. Some reported receiving fewer offers than anticipated a week before Thanksgiving,
     while others say they are seeing an abundance of cream available and expect loosening
     supplies in the weeks to come. That being said, this week's multiples were similar to last
     week's. Some contacts did say ice cream producers' interests showed some increases into
     cream this week. Most states in the Midwest are wrapping up corn harvests (most are at or
     just under the 90 percent mark according to NASS), and crop reports are ahead of the last
     few years' schedules.

     Price Range - Class III Milk; $/CWT; Spot Basis:   -5.00 -  -2.00
     Trade Activity: Slow

     Midwestern U.S., F.O.B. Cream
     Multiples Range - All Classes:               1.1800 - 1.3400
     Price Range - Class II; $/LB Butterfat:      1.8199 - 1.9202
     Multiples Range - Class II:                  1.2700 - 1.3400

     Information for the period November 16 - 20, 2020, issued weekly

     Secondary Sourced Information:

     The NASS Milk Production report noted October 2020 milk production in the 24 selected
     states was 17.7 billion pounds, 2.5 percent above a year ago. Milk cows in the 24 selected
     states totaled 8.881 million head, 62,000 head more than a year ago. The following table
     shows Central states included in the report and the monthly milk production and percent
     changes compared to a year ago:

     October 2020 Milk Production, (USDA-NASS)

                (Million Lb.)       % Change From
                                      1 Year Ago

     Illinois            148           + 8.0
     Indiana             374           +10.7
     Iowa                457           + 3.2
     Kansas              336           + 3.7
     Michigan            983           + 3.0
     Minnesota           846           + 2.5
     Ohio                474           + 5.1
     South Dakota        272           +12.9
     Texas             1,266           + 8.2
     Wisconsin         2,587           + 1.7

     Published by:
     Dairy Market News - Madison, WI
     ISRAEL WEBER, 608-422-8601


     Additional Dairy Market News Information:
     Dairy Market News (DMN) by Phone: (608)422-8602
     DMN Website:
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