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USDA - AMS: Louisiana and Texas Gulf Export Port Bids (2020-07-27)

USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture - July 27, 2020

Portland, OR    Mon  Jul 27, 2020    USDA Market News

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Louisiana and Texas Export Bids

Gulf Export bids and basis for grain delivered to Gulf export elevators,
CIF barge to Louisiana Gulf (Mississippi River) and rail-truck Texas Gulf,
delivery periods as specified, dollars per bushel, except sorghum per cwt.
Bids as of 11:30 Central time; Subject to change.

In early trading bids were not fully established but were indicated as
follows for Louisiana:  soft red winter wheat were lower, yellow corn were
lower, soybeans were unchanged and yellow sorghum were not available. Texas
cash bids for hard red winter wheat were not available and bids for yellow
sorghum were lower.

Louisiana Morning bids and basis for US 2 Soft Red Winter Wheat
Cash Bids                            Basis
Jul=    5.8400-5.9500                 +54U  to +65U
Aug=    5.8800-5.9500                 +58U  to +65U
Sep=    5.9500-6.0000                 +65U  to +70U
Oct=    6.0150-6.1650                 +65Z  to +80Z
Nov     6.0150-6.1150                 +65Z  to +75Z
Dec     6.0150-6.1150                 +65Z  to +75Z
Louisiana Morning bids and basis for US 2 Yellow Corn
Cash Bids                            Basis
Jul=    3.8400-3.8800                 +60U  to +64U
Aug=    3.8400-3.8700                 +60U  to +63U
Sep=    3.8800-3.8900                 +64U  to +65U
Oct=    3.9000-3.9200                 +57Z  to +59Z
Nov     3.9200-3.9300                 +59Z  to +60Z
Dec     3.9300-3.9500                 +60Z  to +62Z
Louisiana Morning bids and basis for US 1 Yellow Soybeans
Cash Bids                            Basis
Jul=    9.6975-9.7475                 +65Q  to +70Q
Aug=    9.7675-9.7775                 +72Q  to +73Q
Sep=    9.7200-9.7400                 +73X  to +75X
Oct NC= 9.7200-9.7400                 +73X  to +75X
Nov     9.7500-9.7600                 +76X  to +77X
Dec     9.7350                        +69F
Louisiana Morning bids and basis for US 2 Yellow Sorghum
Cash Bids                            Basis
Texas Morning bids and basis for US 1 Hard Red Winter Wheat
Cash Bids                            Basis
NC=     NA                              NA
Texas Morning bids and basis for US 2 Yellow Sorghum
Cash Bids                            Basis
Jul NC= 8.0000-8.4475                +115Z  to +140Z
Aug     8.0000-8.4475                +115Z  to +140Z
Chicago and Kansas City Board of Trades month symbols: F January, G February,
H March, J April, K May, M June, N July, Q August, U September, V October,
X November, Z December

NC = New Crop

Monthly Average Prices for  Jun 2020
                          Louisiana  Texas
US 2 SRW Wheat            5.46       NA
US 1 HRW Wheat            NA         5.40
US 2 Yellow Corn          3.76       NA
US 1 Yellow Soybeans      9.26       NA
US 2 Yellow Sorghum       NA         7.75

Source: USDA Market News Service, Portland, OR
        Brian Personius 503-535-5001

10:36   bp

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