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USDA - AMS: Minneapolis Weekly Feedstuffs Report (2019-06-11)

USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture - June 11, 2019

Minneapolis, MN    Tue June 11, 2019           USDA Market News

Minnesota Feedstuffs - Prices for the week ending Tuesday, June 11,2019
**All prices are quoted per ton, unless otherwise noted. **

Oilseed and Animal feedstuffs were mixed this week 

   The July Soybean Meal futures closed 6.60 lower at 314.40 and August closed 7.10 
lower at 315.60. The July Soybean Oil futures closed 27 points lower at 27.22 cents 
per pound and August closed 28 points lower at 27.35 cents per pound. The Rail 
delivery of high protein Soybean Meal in Minnesota was 6.60 lower from 284.40-286.40, 
the basis was steady from 30.00 to 28.00 under the July Soybean Meal futures. Linseed 
Meal, 34 pct protein was steady to 20.00 lower from 215.00-230.00 in the North 
Dakota-Minnesota area. Sunflower Meal, 13 pct fiber, 34 pct protein was steady to 
5.00 higher from 140.00-145.00 in the North Dakota-Minnesota area. Canola Meal was 
11.50 lower at 229.50 with limited trade, the basis was 5.00 lower with limited trade 
at 85 under the July Soybean Meal futures. Soybean Oil in Minnesota was 27 points 
lower from 26.72-27.72 cents per pound; the basis was steady from, 50 points under to 
50 points over the July soybean oil futures.

Animal Protein: 
   Meat and Bone Meal, 50 pct protein was steady from 185.00-220.00; Pork was steady 
to 5.00 higher at 225.00. Yellow Grease was steady to 50 points higher from 22.50-
23.50 cents per pound. Choice White Grease was steady to 50 points higher at 26.00 
cents per pound. Feather Meal was steady from 325.00-375.00 with instances of 475. 
Ruminant Blood Meal was steady to 25.00 lower from 660.00-775.00; Pork was steady to 
50.00 lower from 750.00-775.00. 

  Wheat Middlings was steady to 9.00 lower from 65.00-90.00.

Bids/Offers prices are bulk per ton, in carlots unless specified. 
Animal ingredients are delivered MPLS, other ingredients are FOB.
                              This Week       Last Week      Last Year    
Soybean Meal, 46.5 pct (R)    284.40-286.40   291.00-293.00  323.50-328.50
Linseed Meal, 34 pct          215.00-230.00   215.00-250.00  270.00-280.00
Sunflower Meal, 34 pct protein MN/NDAKOTA
  13 pct fiber                140.00-145.00   140.00          180.00-185.00
Canola Meal, 36 pct protein 
ltd                           229.50          241.00          243.50-263.50
Soybean Crude Oil, MN
 Cents per pound              26.72-27.72     26.99-27.99     28.80-29.05
Meat and Bone Meal, 50 pct    185.00-220.00   185.00-220.00   265.00-320.00
Feather Meal, 80 pct          325.00-375.00   325.00-375.00   500.00-600.00
Yellow Grease, 
   Cents per pound            22.50-23.50     21.00-23.00     21.00-26.50
Choice White Grease,
   Cents per pound            26.00           25.50-26.00     26.50-28.00
Wheat Middlings               65.00-90.00     80.00-90.00     68.00-90.00 

Source:  USDA Market News Service, Minneapolis, MN
         LPGMN 612-370-3258
         24 hour recorded market information 612-370-3260  

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