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USDA - AMS: Mississippi Daily Grain Report (2019-11-06)

USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture - November 6, 2019

Jackson, Ms Tuesday November 5, 2019   USDA-MS Market News
Mississippi Daily Grain Report.  Grain prices at Country Elevators.

Bid price as of 2:00 p.m. (Price per bushel): Trends compared to previous day
close (Old Crop): Soybeans dn 4, Wheat no trend, Sorghum up 1, Corn up 4.

                                            (Cash Bids)
                    No 1 Yellow          No 2 Soft Red       No 2 Yellow      No 2 Yellow
			Spot		    Spot	        Spot	         Spot	
                    Soybeans basis       Wheat basis        Sorghum basis    Corn  basis
Greenville          9.39-9.46   +05&+11f 0.00-0.00  -0u       ----  -       3.92-4.04  +08&+20z
Belzoni             9.09      	-25f     0.00       -0u                     3.97       +13z
Greenwood           9.09     	-25f     0.00       -0u                     3.97       +13z
Hollandale                                        	      3.24  -60     ----    
Indianola           9.14      	-20f     0.00       -0u                     3.77       -07z

                                   (Contract/New Crop Bids)
                      No 1 Yellow         No 2 Soft Red      No 2 Yellow      No 2 Yellow
                         Jan                    -                 -             Jan-Mar 
                    Soybeans Basis        Wheat Basis       Sorghum Basis     Corn Basis
Greenville (FGT)    9.41-9.49    +07&+15f  0.00      -0                      3.97-4.12 +13&+19h
Belzoni             9.11         -23f      0.00      -0                      3.97      +13h
Greenwood           9.11         -23f      0.00      -0                      3.97      +13h                                                                        
Hollandale                                                    0.00  -0          
Indianola           9.16         -18f      0.00      -0                      3.82      -05h

Chicago Board of Trade/Kansas City Board of Trade month symbols:
F January, H March, K May, N July, Q August, U September, V October,
X November, Z December.

Source: Mississippi Dept. of Ag- USDA Market News, Jackson, Ms. GR110.txt



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