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USDA - AMS: National Daily Ethanol Report (2019-01-31)

USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture - January 31, 2019

Des Moines, IA     Thu, Jan 31, 2019     USDA-IA Dept of Ag Market News

National Daily Ethanol Report

Corn is spot bid at selected Ethanol plants as of 8:00 A.M.  Distiller
grains with Solubles (DGS) is FOB the plant.  Ethanol is the spot
market, FOB the plant.  Prices quoted: corn dollars/bushel,
DGS dollars/ton, ethanol dollars/gallon, corn oil cents/pound.

Yellow Corn
              Bids           Change (/bu)    Basis              Change
Iowa-Eastern  3.5625-3.7625  UP 4             -25H to -5H        UNCH
Iowa-Western  3.4325-3.7125  UP 4             -38H to -10H       UNCH
Illinois      3.5125-3.8725  UP 4             -30H to 6H         UNCH
Indiana       3.6625-3.8625  UP 4             -15H to 5H         UNCH
Ohio          3.7425-3.8425  UP 4             -7H to 3H          UNCH
Michigan      3.5625-3.7625  UP 4             -25H to -5H        UNCH
Kansas        3.7725-4.0625  UP 4             -4H to 25H         UNCH
Minnesota     3.4125-3.6625  UP 4             -40H to -15H       UNCH
Nebraska      3.4025-4.0925  UP 4             -41H to 28H        UNCH
Wisconsin     3.4125-3.5425  UP 4             -40H to -27H       UNCH
South Dakota  3.3325-3.5125  UP 4             -48H to -30H       UNCH
Missouri      3.6625-3.7925  UP 4             -15H to -2H        UNCH

Sorghum (Milo)
              Bids           Change (/bu)    Basis              Change
Kansas        3.5125-3.5625  UP 4             -30H to -25H       UNCH
Missouri      NA             NA               NA                 NA

Dried Distillers Grain  (10% Moisture)
              Offers         Mostly           Change ($/ton)
Iowa-Eastern  140.00                          UNCH
Iowa-Western  135.00-170.00  170.00-175.00    UNCH
Illinois      140.00-168.00  148.00-155.00    UNCH
Indiana       135.00-160.00  147.00-155.00    UNCH
Ohio          140.00-150.00                   UNCH
Michigan      125.00-145.00  135.00-145.00    UNCH
Kansas        145.00-185.00  160.00-170.00    UNCH
Minnesota     130.00-145.00                   UNCH
Nebraska      135.00-159.00  150.00-159.00    UNCH
Wisconsin     135.00-145.00                   UNCH
South Dakota  136.00-153.00                   UNCH
Missouri      155.00-185.00  165.00-185.00    UNCH

Modified Wet Distillers Grain (50-55% Moisture)
              Offers         Mostly           Change ($/ton)
Iowa-Eastern  60.00-80.00                     UNCH
Iowa-Western  50.00-65.00                     UNCH
Illinois      NA                              NA
Indiana       75.00                           UNCH
Ohio          NA                              NA
Michigan      60.00-65.00                     UNCH
Kansas        NA                              NA
Minnesota     75.00                           UNCH
Nebraska      55.00-84.00    75.00-84.00      UNCH
Wisconsin     60.00-75.00                     UNCH
South Dakota  66.00-81.00                     UNCH
Missouri      85.00                           UNCH

Wet Distillers Grain (65-70% Moisture)
              Offers         Mostly           Change ($/ton)
Iowa-Eastern  NA                              NA
Iowa-Western  40.00-45.00                     UNCH
Illinois      40.00-56.00                     UNCH
Indiana       NA                              NA
Ohio          NA                              NA
Michigan      42.00                           UNCH
Kansas        55.00-68.00                     UNCH
Minnesota     47.00                           UNCH
Nebraska      52.00-60.00                     UNCH
Wisconsin     47.00                           UNCH
South Dakota  50.00                           UNCH
Missouri      60.00-64.00                     UNCH

              Offers         Change ($/gal)
Iowa          1.10-1.25      UNCH-UP 0.05
ECB           1.24-1.27      UP 0.02-UNCH
Kansas        1.10-1.19      UNCH
Minnesota     1.13-1.18      DN 0.01-UP 0.01
Nebraska      1.13-1.21      UP 0.03-UP 0.02
Wisconsin     NA             NA
South Dakota  1.12           UP 0.01

Distillers Corn Oil (DCO)
              Offers         Change (/lb)
Iowa          23.00-26.00    DN 1
ECB           24.00-26.75    UNCH-UP 0.25
Nebraska      25.50-26.00    UP 0.5-DN 0.5
South Dakota  23.00-25.00    DN 0.5-UP 0.5

Bio-Energy Report Notes:
Protein content 28-30% for most distiller grains on a dry matter basis.
Modified Wet Distillers Grain is a partially dried product. Wet Distillers
Grain is a non-dried product.  Distillers corn oil is intended for animal feed
or biofuel and is not Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) for human consumption.
It may also be referred to as inedible crude corn oil or crude corn oil.

Yellow Corn = US #2

Chicago Board of Trade month symbols: F January, G February, H March, J April,
K May, M June, N July, Q August, U September, V October, X November, Z December

Source: USDA Market News Service, Des Moines, IA
        Staff  515-284-4460


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