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USDA - AMS: National Feedstuffs Market Review (2021-04-07)

USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture - April 7, 2021

MS_GR850 Minneapolis, MN    Wednesday, April 06, 2021          USDA Market News
National Feedstuffs Market Review 

**All prices quoted per ton unless otherwise noted**

The USDA Market News Service reports fed ingredient prices for the week ending 
Tuesday April 06, 2021 were mixed. Soybean Meal was mixed 6.80 lower to 10.00 higher, 
mostly 2.20 to 9.20 higher. Cottonseed Meal was steady to 10.00 higher. Whole 
Cottonseed was steady to 25.00 higher. Canola Meal was 5.00 to 12.00 higher. Linseed 
Meal was steady. Sunflower Meal was steady to 5.00 higher. Crude Soybean Oil was 346 
to 1,096 points higher. Crude Corn Oil was 550 points lower. Ruminant Meat and Bone 
Meal was mixed, 35.00 lower to 35.00 higher. Ruminant Blood Meal was mixed 25.00 
lower to 25.00 higher. Feather Meal was steady to 130.00 higher, mostly steady. 
Yellow Corn Hominy was steady to 5.00 lower. Corn Gluten Feed was mixed, 1.00 lower 
to 15.00 higher, mostly steady. Corn Gluten Meal was steady. Distillers Dried Grain 
were mixed, 15.00 lower to 30.00 higher. Wheat Millfeeds were steady to 35.00 lower. 
Wheat Millrun was 10.00 to 50.00 higher.

Oilseeds: The May Soybean Meal futures closed 8.20 higher at 406.40, July closed 8.40 
higher at 408.50 and August closed 9.60 higher at 404.30. The May Soybean Oil futures 
closed 346 points higher at 53.92 cents per pound, July closed 369 points higher at 52.00 
cents per pound and August closed 389 points higher at 50.26 cents per pound. The Rail 
delivery of high protein Soybean Meal in Central Illinois was 8.20 to 9.20 higher at 
407.40; Indiana-Ohio was 8.20 higher from 411.40-423.40; Iowa was 1.20 to 9.20 higher 
from 388.40-406.40; Kansas City was 2.20 to 6.20 higher from 404.40-410.40; 
Minneapolis truck was 3.20 to 6.20 higher from 391.40-396.40, St. Louis was 10.00 
higher from 434.00-439.00; Memphis was 8.20 higher at 426.40; Portland was mixed, 
3.00 lower to 2.20 higher from 446.40-465.00; BN Santa Fe/Union Pacific delivered 
Chino Valley was mixed, 6.80 lower to 1.20 higher from 448.40-456.40. Cottonseed Meal 
FOB the Central San Joaquin Valley in California was steady from 360.00-380.00; 
Kansas City was steady at 460.00; St. Louis was not available; Memphis was steady to 
10.00 higher at 460.00. Whole Cottonseed FOB the Central San Joaquin Valley in 
California was steady to 25.00 higher from 425.00-435.00; delivered to Portland was 
steady to 15.00 higher from 420.00-485.00; Memphis was 10.00 higher at 340.00. Offers 
for nearby delivered Canola Meal 34 to 36 percent protein, delivered to Portland was 
5.00 to 8.20 higher from 366.40-380.00; FOB Central San Joaquin Valley truck was 
10.00 to 12.00 higher from 380.00-390.00; Minneapolis was 8.20 higher from 321.40-
346.40. Linseed Meal, 34 pct protein was steady at 350.00 with limited trade in the 
North Dakota-Minnesota area. Sunflower Meal, 13 pct fiber, 34 pct protein was steady 
to 5.00 higher from 250.00-290.00 in the North Dakota-Minnesota area. The Soybean Oil 
in Central Illinois was 346 points higher at 58.42 cents per pound; Indiana-Ohio was 
346 to 446 points higher from 57.92-58.42 cents per pound; Iowa was 346 to 1,096 
points higher from 58.17-73.92; Minnesota ranged 66.42 to 73.92 cents per pound. 
Crude Corn Oil in Central Illinois was 550 points lower 57.00 cents per pound.

To MAL PROTEINS: Ruminant Meat and Bone Meal in the Central U.S. was 10.00 lower at 
415.00; FOB the Texas Panhandle was mixed, 35.00 lower to 15.00 higher from 325.00-
375.00; Minneapolis was steady to 35.00 higher from 325.00-390.00; St. Louis was not 
available; Portland FOB Northwest Plants was steady from 215.00-380.00; FOB Central 
and Northern California was steady at 385.00; FOB Los Angeles was steady at 385.00. 
Pork Meat and Bone Meal in the Central U.S. ranged 365.00-425.00; Eastern Corn Belt 
had no quote; Minneapolis was mixed, 20.00 lower to 45.00 higher from 395.00-410.00, 
St. Louis was not available. Ruminant Blood Meal in the Central U.S. was steady to 
25.00 lower from 1075.00-1100.00; the Texas Panhandle had no quote; Minneapolis was 
steady from 1000.00-1100.00; delivered to the San Joaquin Valley was 25.00 higher at 
1225.00 in limited trade. Pork Blood Meal in the Central U.S. was 25.00 to 300.00 
lower from 900.00-1200.00, Eastern Corn Belt was 50.00 lower at 1225.00; Minneapolis 
was steady to 150.00 higher from 1050.00-1200.00. Feather Meal in Kansas City was 
steady from 480.00-495.00; Minneapolis was 35.00 to 130.00 higher from 535.00-680.00; 
Arkansas was steady from 450.00-465.00; Mississippi was steady from 450.00-465.00. 

CORN FEEDS: Yellow Corn Hominy in Central Illinois was 3.00 lower at 172.00 for rail, 
truck was 5.00 lower at 180.00; Kansas City (Northwest) was not available; St. Louis 
was not available; California rail had no quote, truck was steady to 5.00 lower at 
245.00.  Corn Gluten Feed in the Midwest (NE,IA,IL,IN) was steady to 1.00 lower from 
160.00-190.00; Kansas City was steady from 250.00-265.00; St. Louis was steady at 
260.00; California was steady to 15.00 higher from 290.00-295.00. Corn Gluten Meal, 
60 percent protein in the Midwest (IA, IL, IN) was steady from 590.00-660.00; Kansas 
City was not available; St. Louis was steady at 730.00. Distillers Dried Grain prices 
in Iowa was steady to 15.00 lower from 190.00-205.00; Eastern Cornbelt (IL, IN, OH, 
MI) was mixed, 7.00 lower to 30.00 higher from 193.00-245.00; Kansas was steady to 
12.00 lower from 225.00-255.00; Minnesota was steady from 195.00-215.00; Nebraska was 
5.00 higher from 220.00-230.00; Wisconsin was mixed, 10.00 lower to 13.00 higher from 
195.00-215.00; South Dakota was mixed, 10.00 lower to 1.00 higher from 195.00-210.00; 
Missouri was 9.00 to 11.00 lower from 219.00-230.00; St. Louis was not available; 
California was steady to 13.00 lower at 262.00; Pacific Northwest mills were steady 
from 268.00-275.00.

WHEAT MILLFEEDS: Wheat Millfeeds in Buffalo, NY was 15.00 lower at 155.00; Kansas 
City was 25.00 to 30.00 lower from 152.00-165.00; Minneapolis truck was steady to 
10.00 lower from 138.00-174.00; St. Louis was 10.00 to 35.00 lower from 185.00-
195.00. Wheat Millrun delivered Portland was 10.00 higher with limited trade at 
270.00 in limited test; FOB Los Angeles mill were 20.00 to 50.00 higher from 210.00-

OTHERS: In the south Rice Bran, Millfeed and Rice Hulls were steady.  In California, 
Rice Bran and Rice hulls were steady. Alfalfa Meal prices were steady across the 
nation this past week.

Source:  USDA Market News Service, Minneapolis, MN
         LPGMN 612-370-3258
         24 hour recorded market information 612-370-3260

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