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USDA - AMS: National Wool Review (Fri) (2019-03-22)

USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture - March 22, 2019

Greeley, CO    Fri Mar 22, 2019    USDA- CO Dept of Ag Market News

National Wool Review

Domestic wool trading on a clean basis was inactive this week.  There were no 
confirmed trades reported.  Prices reflect trades FOB warehouse in original bag 
or square pack, bellies out, some graded, and 76 mm or longer.  No allowance 
made for coring, freight or handling fees at the warehouse level to reflect net 
grower prices (*) indicates new prices this week. (NA) represents microns not 
normally available in this region. Wools shorter than 75 mm typically discounted 
.10-.20 clean. Classed and skirted wools usually trade at a .10-.20 premium to 
original bag prices. 

            US             Fleece         Territory      Texas and
Micron    Grades           States          States        New Mexico
18        80s               None            None            None
19        70-80s            None            None            None 
20        64-70s            None            None            None 
21        64s               None            None            None 
22        62s               None            None            None 
23        60-62s            None            None            None 
24        60s               None            None            None 
25        58s               None            None            None 
26        56-58s            None            None            None 
27        54-56s            None            None            None 
28        54s               None            None             NA
29        50-54s            None            None             NA
30-34     44-50s            None            None             NA

Domestic wool trading on a greasy basis was at a standstill this week. There 
were no confirmed trades reported.  All trades reported on a weighted average.
Domestic wool tags are delivered to buyer and reported on a greasy basis:
      Number 1 tags        Number 2 tags        Number 3 tags
         .60-.70              .50-.60              .40-.50 

  In Australia this week, the Eastern Market Indicator was down 16 at 1963 cents 
per Kg clean from the sale a week ago.  A total of 43,129 bales were offered 
with sales of 89.7 percent.  The Australian exchange rate was weaker by .0085 
at .7145 percent of the U.S. dollar.  Australian wool prices are quoted 
delivered Charleston, South Carolina.  The current freight rate is .15 cents per 
pound clean. Schlumberger Dry formula is used for yield determination.    
  The 75-85 percent of Australia price range can be used as an estimated value 
of clean domestic prices FOB the warehouse and gross producer.  These are 
estimated domestic values and may vary depending on current market conditions, 
yield, strength, length, colored fiber content, poly contamination, and other 
quality factors.

                      Clean Del Price    Change from    75-85 Percent
Micron    US Grade    in U.S. Dollars   Previous Sale    of Australia 
  18      80s               7.99            + .08         5.99-6.79
  19      70-80s            7.68            + .06         5.76-6.53 
  20      64-70s            7.57            + .05         5.68-6.44
  21      64s               7.55            + .09         5.66-6.42
  22      62s               7.52            + .05         5.64-6.39  
  23      60-62s            7.46            -----         5.60-6.34
  24      60s               ----            -----         ---------
  25      58s               ----            -----         --------- 
  26      56-58s            4.71            + .04         3.53-4.01
  28      54s               3.92            + .12         2.94-3.33
  30      50s               3.16            + .06         2.37-2.69
  32      46-48s            2.12            + .07         1.59-1.80
  Merino Clippings          3.91            - .12         2.94-3.33

Eastern Market Indicator was down 16 at 1963 cents per kg clean. Australian 
exchange rate was weaker by .0085 at .7145 percent of the U.S. dollar.

Source:   USDA- CO Dept of Ag Market News Service, Greeley, CO
          Chris Dias, Market Reporter (970)353-9750
          24 Hour Market Report (970)353-8031

0830m      crd

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