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USDA - AMS: Oceania Dairy Market Overview (2019-04-11)

USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture - April 11, 2019


     Oceania Dairy Market Overview

     Report 15 - Released on April 11, 2019


     Seasonal milk production in Australia, July 2018 through February 2019, is 6.4 percent
     lower than last year. February 2019 is 12.6 percent lower than February 2018. This table
     displays Dairy Australia data July through February.


                            July 2018-February 2019     February 2019

                            Million Percent Change       Percentage
     State                  Liters  From 1 Year Ago  Milkfat    Protein

     New South Wales         702.2      -10.1           3.89      3.18
     Victoria              4,031.9       -7.8           4.44      3.36
     Queensland              251.1      -10.1           4.01      3.25
     South Australia         345.4       +1.5           3.97      3.26
     Western Australia       256.0       -2.5           4.03      3.19
     Tasmania                652.9       +3.5           4.60      3.47
     Australia (Total)     6,239.5       -6.4           4.33*     3.33**

     *  +3.0 percent from prior year period
     ** -0.2 percent from prior year period

     Data from Dairy Australia

     Impacts of lower milk production vary in different areas of Australia. The current season,
     with more hot weather and dry conditions than had been expected, has also led to some
     localized plant inefficiencies related to lower milk intakes requiring plant operation at
     sub-optimal schedules. A large cooperative in Victoria has implemented a plan offering a
     localized pay price premium to local producers who sell milk to the plant if they maintain
     specified production volumes and quality requirements. It is hoped this will help the
     producers to be able to purchase feed to increase and sustain higher output, which will move
     the plant closer to higher efficiency production volumes.

      It may not be within the focus of many Northern hemisphere readers, but Australia is
     already in the first month of autumn. Many dairy producers are focused on preparing for
     winter. This involves efforts to assure that adequate hay and grain are secured for winter
     use. Hay stocks are tight in Northern Australia. Demand is still ahead of supply. This
     necessitates hauling hay from other areas, especially southern Australia. Of course, hauling
     adds to the cost of hay and crimps profitability for dairy producers. New season hay from
     southern Australia is being sold. Canola crops and failed wheat have been turned into hay to
     supplement what is available for sale.

      The new planting season is informally considered to occur annually on Anzac Day, April 25,
     a day of rememberance in Australia. As the new planting season approaches, recent rain
     improving soil moisture has been welcome as far as hopes that the next season will produce
     more hay and grain and help dairy production. More is needed however, to get soil moisture
     closer to ideal conditions.


      Most of the milk for the current season in New Zealand has been produced. As a guide to
     what this means, April, May and June, the final months of the New Zealand milk production

     season, last season generated about 13.8 percent of seasonal milk. Whatever the weather or
     other impacts through June will not greatly impact this season¶s final result.

      Recent rain on the North Island has resulted in some dairy producers to keep milking more
     cows longer than had been planned. The rain was welcome following a dry spell in some areas.
     It is typically a time when lower producing cows are dried off and milking is reduced to
     once a day. The rain greened some pastures and the grazing will lead to a strong finish to
     the milk production season.

     Information for the period April 1 - 12, 2019, issued biweekly

     Published by:
     Dairy Market News - Madison, WI
     Eric Graf, 608.422.8590

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     Dairy Market News (DMN) by Phone: (608)422-8602
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