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USDA - AMS: Oklahoma Hay Report (2019-10-17)

USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture - October 17, 2019

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK Thu Oct 17, 2019 Oklahoma Dept. of Ag Market News

Alfalfa and hay trade still extremely slow, in fact some say slowest
it has ever been.  The limited trade that has taken place is at steady
money.  Premium quality hay very difficult to find.  Much of the state
saw it's first freeze or frost over the last weekend.  Much of the grass
hay in Western Oklahoma was unharmed as the ground remains warm.  Other 
parts of the state were not so lucky.  Farmers have been busy this week 
cutting and baling Bermuda grass and hoping for continued dry weather for
baling.  According to the Oklahoma Crop Progress report, Winter Wheat 
planting in Oklahoma has reached about 69 percent, however a rain is 
needed in Western Oklahoma.  In the south some farmers are having to 
replant wheat because conditions were too dry or the wheat that came up
was overtaken by Army Worms.  Army Worms also posing a problem for grass
hay fields and farmers having to spray.  Pasture conditions are being
reported as 57 percent good to excellent.   

Market News continues to maintain an online hay directory for both in-
state and out-of-state hay producers.  The directories are on the ODAFF 
homepage at Producers wishing to list hay are 
encouraged to call at 1-405-521-3864 or email 

Central Oklahoma:  Good Premium quality 225.00 per ton delivered
in Oklahoma.  Grinding Alfalfa 100.00 per ton FOB, 125.00 per ton 

Eastern Oklahoma: No trades reported.

Western Oklahoma: Good quality Rounds 180.00 per ton delivered in 

Grass Hay 
Central Oklahoma:  Good to Premium quality Bermuda Grass 5 X 6 round 
bales 105.00 per ton.  Good quality 60.00-65.00 per bale; 9.00 per small
square bale in barn FOB.  Fair to Good quality hay 100.00 per ton FOB; 
Fair quality hay 55.00 per bale FOB. 

Western Oklahoma:  Wheat hay 70.00 per ton delivered in Oklahoma.

Eastern Oklahoma:  No trades reported.

Prices are dollars per ton and FOB unless otherwise noted.

Alfalfa Quality Guidelines
Quality       ADF     NDF   *RFV/RFQ   **TDN-100%     **TDN-90%     CP
Supreme       <27     <34     >185       >62           >55.9       >22
Premium       27-29   34-36   170-185    60.5-62       54.5-55.9   20-22
Good          29-32   36-40   150-170    58-60         52.5-54.5   18-20
Fair          32-35   40-44   130-150    56-58         50.5-52.5   16-18
Utility       >35     >44     <130       <56           <50.5       <16

*RFV calculated using the Wis/Minn formula. **TDN calculated using the
Western formula.  Quantitative factors are approximate, and many factors 
can affect feeding value. Values based on 100% dry matter (TDN showing 
both 100% &90%).
Source: Oklahoma Dept of AG-USDA Market News, Oklahoma City, OK
Telephone (405)232-5425   Market Recording 405-621-5533 

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