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USDA - AMS: Oregon Weekly Hay (2020-05-22)

USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture - May 22, 2020

Moses Lake, WA    Fri May 22, 2020    USDA  Market News 
Oregon Weekly Hay Report                                                   

Compared to May 15:  Prices trended generally steady compared to last 
report's prices in a very limited test.  Growers are reporting that due to 
dairies having to dump milk, demand for dairy hay is down significantly.  
Many growers are sold out for the year.                                       

Tons:  338    Last Week:  42    Last Year:  310                            

Crook, Deschutes, Jefferson, Wasco Counties:                               
                         Tons   Price Range   Wtd Avg    Comments          
  Orchard Grass                                                            
    Small Square                                                           
      Premium               4  275.00-275.00  275.00                       
      Good                  3  250.00-250.00  250.00     Certified Weed    

Eastern Oregon:                                                            
                         Tons   Price Range   Wtd Avg    Comments          
    Small Square                                                           
      Good                150  220.00-220.00  220.00                       

Klamath Basin:                                                             
                         Tons   Price Range   Wtd Avg    Comments          
    Small Square                                                           
      Good                 25  190.00-190.00  190.00                       

  Alfalfa/Orchard Mix                                                      
    Small Square                                                           
      Good                 50  190.00-190.00  190.00                       

    Small Square                                                           
      Good                  6  140.00-140.00  140.00                       

Lake County:                                                               
                         Tons   Price Range   Wtd Avg    Comments          
  Forage Mix-Two Way                                                       
    Large Square                                                           
      Fair                100  130.00-130.00  130.00                       

Harney County: No New Sales Confirmed.                                     
Alfalfa hay test guidelines, (for domestic livestock use and not  
more than 10% grass), used with visual appearance and intent of sale 
Quantitative factors are approximate and many factors can affect     
feeding value.                                                       
             ADF     NDF     RFV     TDN-100%    TDN-90%   CP-100%   
 Supreme     <27     <34     >185      >62       >55.9       >22     
 Premium    27-29   34-36   170-185   60.5-62   54.5-55.9   20-22    
 Good       29-32   36-40   150-170    58-60    52.5-54.5   18-20    
 Fair       32-35   40-44   130-150    56-58    50.5-52.5   16-18    
 Utility     >35     >44     <130      <56       <50.5       <16     
   RFV calculated using the Wis/Minn formula.  TDN calculated using the 
western formula. Values based on 100% dry matter, TDN both 90% and 100%.
Source:     USDA Market News Service, Portland, OR
            Brian Personius 612-370-3258

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