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USDA - AMS: Organic Dairy Fluid Overview (2019-05-31)

USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture - May 31, 2019


     Organic Dairy Fluid Overview

     Report 22 - Released on May 31, 2019


     New England Organic Milk Sales and Sourcing. Federal Milk Market Order 1 in New England
     reports utilization of types of organic milk by pool plants. In April 2019, organic whole
     milk utilization totaled 11.9 million pounds, down from 14.9 million pounds one year
     earlier. The April 2019 butterfat content was 3.27 percent, a decline from 3.28 percent in
     2018. Organic reduced fat milk utilization for April this year, 15.3 million pounds, was
     down from 18.1 million pounds one year earlier. The butterfat content was reported 1.31
     percent, down from 1.32 percent the previous year.

     Retail Organic Milk Prices for Selected U.S. Cities. The May 2019 in-store surveys of
     selected supermarkets in twenty-nine U.S. cities reveal that the price of organic whole
     milk, in half gallon containers, range from $3.14 in Houston, TX. to $5.89 in St. Louis,
     MO. The U.S. average price for May is $4.12. The biggest price increase for organic whole
     milk half gallon, over the previous month, occurred in Washington, DC, up $0.88, while the
     largest decrease in price was reported in Baltimore, MD, down $0.30 in May.

     Organic Milk Pay Prices in Europe. According to CLAL, the average March 2019 organic milk
     farm price in Germany was 47.63 euros/100lt ($53.06 USD), 2.40 percent lower than a year
     earlier and down 0.04 percent from February. In France, the average March organic milk farm
     price was 45.60 euros/100lt ($50.79 USD), 0.19 percent below the previous year and 1.08
     percent less than  the previous month. In Austria, 44.27 euros/100lt ($49.31 USD) was the
     average March organic milk farm price, unchanged from the previous year, but down 0.11
     percent compared to last month. Bavaria, an important milk producing region of Germany,
     reported an average March organic milk price of 47.96 euros/100lt( $53.42 USD), 3.27
     percent less than one year earlier, but 0.04 percent above the previous month.


     USDA Announces Farmer Support. The Market Facilitation Program (MFP) for 2019, will provide
     $14.5 billion in direct payments to farmers. The program has been expanded to cover a range
     of feed crops and agricultural products. Feed crops that will be covered in the program
     includes alfalfa hay, barley, canola, corn, sorghum, soybeans and wheat. Additionally, a
     $1.4 billion Food Purchase and Distribution Program (FPDP) to purchase commodities that
     includes milk for distribution by the Food and Nutrition Service(FNS).

     Organic Grain and Feed Market. Markets participants report lackluster trading on light post-
     holiday demand for all organic grains. Feed grade corn traded 17 cents higher, with the
     bulk of activity centered around f.o.b. spot sales of old crop. Most farmers are behind on
     new crop planting in regions affected by wet weather. Feed grade soybeans traded 20 cents
     lower in the spot market. Transactions for feed grade wheat was limited. Soybean meal traded
     between 840.00 and 870.00 per ton, crusher f.o.b. price.

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     Information for the period May 20 - 31, 2019, issued biweekly

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