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USDA - AMS: Pennsylvania Weekly Grain Report (Mon) (2019-03-19)

USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture - March 19, 2019

New Holland, PA     Tue Mar 19, 2019     USDA Market News

Pennsylvania Weekly Grain Report - Lewisburg, PA

   The market information listed below is collected through the USDA Quality 
Systems Assessment (QSA) Livestock Auction Market Reporting (LAMR) program 
under the supervision and oversight of USDA Livestock and Grain Market News.

                                 US NO 2 YELLOW CORN
            Bids            Change        Basis             Change
Eastern    4.1500-4.5500    UP 15-UP 5    43.5K to 83.5K    DN 4-DN 14
Central    4.1800-4.6100    UP 4-UP 11    46.5K to 89.5K    DN 15-DN 8
Western    3.4900-3.9100    UP 8-UP 12    -22.5K to 19.5K   DN 11-DN 7

                          US NO 2 SOFT RED WINTER WHEAT
            Bids            Change        Basis             Change
Eastern    4.7200-5.5800    DN 37-DN 8    15.25K to 101.25K DN 71.5-DN 42.5
Central    3.7000-5.0000    No Comp       -86.75K to 43.25K No Comp
Western    4.3100           No Comp       -25.75K           No Comp

                                   US NO 2 SOYBEANS
            Bids            Change        Basis             Change
Eastern    8.5600-8.8100    UP 26-UP 13   -49.75K to -24.75KDN 2-DN 15
Central    8.1000-8.6800    DN 10-DN 12   -95.75K to -37.75KDN 38-DN 40
Western    8.3100-8.6900    UP 18-UP 26   -74.75K to -36.75KDN 10-DN 2

                     AVERAGE BID PRICE
            Corn    Wheat   Soybeans
Eastern     4.41    5.26     8.71
Central     4.43    4.53     8.44
Western     3.57    4.31     8.46

                                    EASTERN - CONTRACTS
            Bids            Change        Basis             Change
Corn       4.1000-4.3800    UP 10-UP 3    15.25Z to 43.25Z  UP 1.75-DN 5.25
Wheat      4.9300-5.3300    UP 11-DN 2    29.5N to 69.5N    DN 15.5-DN 28.5
Soybeans   8.8700-9.1400    UP 6-UP 21    -52X to -25X      DN 7.5-UP 7.5

Source: USDA Market News Service, New Holland, PA
        Kayley Ellis, Market Reporter 717-354-2391

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