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USDA - AMS: Pennsylvania Weekly Hay Report (Mon) (2019-01-10)

USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture - January 10, 2019

New Holland, PA    Fri Jan 11, 2019    USDA-Ag Market News
Pennsylvania Weekly Hay Report - New Holland, PA

Summary Report for week ending Friday, January 11, 2019
Report comprised of Wolgemuth-New Holland, Kirkwood, and Wolgemuth-Leola hay 

             Alfalfa    Alfalfa/Grass    Grass    Straw/Fodder    Balage
Load Count:     07            58          121           36         05
Tonnage:      26.29        237.75       533.29       154.66        46 (bales)
            (Last Week)                                               
             Alfalfa    Alfalfa/Grass    Grass    Straw/Fodder    Balage
Load Count:     10            56           67           13         01
Tonnage:      46.82        235.96       319.43        55.19        07 (bales)

   No trend available as summary was not reported last week. Demand good. Supply 
moderate to heavy. Buyer attendance good.  All prices are considered FOB, although 
a 10 mile local delivery is typically provided. Prices reflect various size loads 
of hay. Prices are per ton.

Alfalfa                           Grass Hays (Timothy/Orchard)  
   Large Squares:                   Large Squares:              
      Supreme:   -------------          Premium:   250.00-305.00
      Premium:   240.00-260.00          Good:      190.00-255.00
      Good:    one load 205.00          Fair:      145.00-215.00
      Fair:      -------------          Utility:   120.00-135.00
   Small Squares:                   Small Squares:              
      Supreme:   -------------          Premium:   300.00-375.00   Few 395.00-430.00
      Premium:   385.00-385.00 Few      Good:      230.00-300.00
      Good:    one load 280.00          Fair:      155.00-230.00
      Fair:    one load 210.00          Utility: one load 125.00
Alfalfa/Grass                     Straw                         
   Large Squares: 	            Large Squares/Rounds:       
      Supreme:   300.00-360.00          Straw:     215.00-255.00
      Premium:   245.00-300.00                     260.00-295.00   Few, Wednesday
      Good:      200.00-255.00      Small Squares:              
      Fair:      170.00-200.00          Straw:   one load 250.00
               one load 115.00                   one load 180.00   Floor Bales
   Small Squares:                 Corn Fodder                   
      Supreme:   435.00-460.00      Large Squares/Rounds:       
      Premium:   335.00-395.00          Fodder:    170.00-215.00   Mostly, Few 225.00-245.00
      Good:      250.00-310.00                     140.00-155.00   Few, Poor
      Fair:      200.00-230.00      Small Squares:              
                                        Fodder:    -------------

Baleage: Alfalfa/Grass mixed 70.00-82.00/bale. Grass 45.00-67.00/bale.

Alfalfa guidelines (domestic livestock use and not more than 10 pct grass)
Quality       ADF      NDF       RFV       TDN-100 pct   TDN-90 pct   CP
Supreme       <27      <34      >185         >62          >55.9       >22
Premium      27-29    34-36    170-185    60.5-62        54.5-55.9   20-22
Good         29-32    36-40    150-170      58-60        52.5-54.5   18-20
Fair         32-35    40-44    130-150      56-58        50.5-52.5   16-18
Utility       >35      >44      <130         <56          <50.5       <16

   Grass Hay guidelines
Quality       Crude Protein Percent 
Premium            Over 13
Good                  9-13
Fair                   5-9
Utility            Under 5

Hay Quality Designations physical descriptions:

Supreme: Very early maturity, pre bloom, soft fine stemmed, extra 
         leafy.  Factors indicative of very high nutritive content. 
         Hay is excellent color and free of damage.

Premium: Early maturity, i.e., pre-bloom in legumes and pre head in
         grass hays, extra leafy and fine stemmed-factors indicative of
         a high nutritive content.  Hay is green and free of damage.
Good:    Early to average maturity, i.e., early to mid-bloom in legumes
         and early head in grass hays, leafy, fine to medium stemmed,
         free of damage other than slight discoloration.
Fair:    Late maturity, i.e., mid to late-bloom in legumes, head-in 
         grass hays, moderate or below leaf content, and generally 
         coarse stemmed. Hay may show light damage.

Utility: Hay in very late maturity, such as mature seed pods in legumes
         or mature head in grass hays, coarse stemmed. This category
         could include hay discounted due to excessive damage and heavy
         weed content or mold.

Source:  USDA Ag Market News, New Holland-Lancaster County, PA 
         Levi Geyer 717-683-3305
	 Kayley Ellis, 717-354-2391

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