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USDA - AMS: South Carolina Farmers Market - Columbia, SC (2019-01-18)

USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture - January 18, 2019

COLUMBIA, SC  Friday, January 18, 2019
South Carolina State Farmers Market - Prices to Growers

Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News
             Federal State Market News Office Columbia, SC

Notice: This report will not be issued Monday, January 21, 2018 due to
an office closing in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday
holiday.  The next report will be issued Tuesday, January 22, 2018.  The
Columbia State Farmers Market will be open for business.

Columbia Farmers Market - Wholesale prices paid to Growers until 9:00 
a.m. for South Carolina grown produce unless otherwise stated.  Standard 
cartons/crates. Farmers' pack not necessarily USDA grades.  Prices 
subject to change without notice.

Recorder number: (803)737-5900 Office:(803)737-4497

     SIZES: jbo=jumbo, xlge=extra large, lge=large, med=medium sml=small
     VOLUME SYMBOLS: TFQ = Supplies insufficient to quote prices,
     VL=very light, F=few, L=light, M=moderate, H=heavy, VH=very heavy
COMMODITY         VOL   CONTAINERS         VARIETY                 PRICES
BEETS:            VL    dz bnchs           Red type                 20.00
                        25 lb sks          Red type topped          14.00
BROCCOLI:         VL    20 lb ctns         Crown Cut                16.00
CILANTRO:         VL    ctns bnchd         30s                      10.00
GREENS:           VL    dz bnchs           Turnips/Mustard          20.00
                                           Collards           35.00-40.00
                        1.35 buctns bnchd  Kale 24s                 20.00
                        1 1/9 buctns lse   Mustard/Turnip Tops      18.00
                                           Creasy type              18.00
ONIONS,GREEN:     VL    crts bnchd         24s                      12.00
                        ctns bnchd         48s                      22.00
                                           Sweet type 24s           20.00
PARSLEY:          VL    ctns bnchd         Flat & Curly types 30s   15.00
PECANS:           VL    50 lb sks          Stuarts                 150.00
RUTABAGAS:        VL    dz bnchs           With Tops                20.00
SPINACH:          VL    1.35 bucrts        Savoy type               20.00
TURNIPS:          VL    25 lb sks          Topped Med               14.00
*****OUT OF STATE PRODUCE SOLD UNDER SHEDS (Buying Wholesale)************
APPLES:           VL    buctns             Red/Golden/Rome          20.00
                                           Granny Smith       20.00-22.00
                                           Fuji/Gala          20.00-22.00
                                           Cortland/Cameo     20.00-22.00
                                           Pinklady                 25.00
                                           Honeycrisp               35.00
                  VL    Tray Pack          Red & Golden Delicious   25.00
BANANAS:          VL    40 lb ctns         #1                       18.00
BEANS:            VL    bucrts             Snap type                25.00
                                           KY type                  25.00
CABBAGE:          VL    50 lb ctns         Green type Medium        25.00
CARROTS:          VL    50 lb sks          Jumbo MX                 22.00
                        24 1-lb flmbgs     Baby Peeled Holdovers    10.00
CELERY:           VL    ctns flmbgs        Hearts 12s Holdovers     10.00
CORN,SWEET:       VL    4 dz crts          Yellow/Bi-Color          18.00
                                           White                    20.00
CUCUMBERS:        VL    1 1/9 buctns       Long Green Select FL     20.00
                        1 1/9 bucrts       Pickles Sml-Med FL 32.00-34.00
EGGPLANT:         VL    1 buctns           24s MX                   23.00
GRAPES:           VL    18 lb cntrs bgd    Black Seedless PE        23.00
LETTUCE:          VL    ctns flts          Iceberg 12s Holdovers    10.00
ONIONS,DRY:       VL    50 lb sks          Yellow Jumbo             15.00
                  VL                       Peruvian Sweet #2  12.00-15.00
                  F     40 lb ctns         Peruvian Sweet Jbo 22.00-24.00
                  VL    10 5-lb sks        Peruvian Sweet Jbo       28.00
                        16 3-lb sks        Peruvian Sweet Med       26.00
                  VL    25 lb sks          Red Jumbo                14.00
                        16 3-lb sks        Yellow Small             16.00
OKRA:             VL    1/2 buctns         Sml-Med HD         26.00-28.00
PECANS:           VL    1 lb cntrs         Shelled                   9.00
                        5 lb flmbgs        Shelled                  45.00
                        30 lb flmbgs       Shelled                 240.00
PEPPERS:          VL    1 1/9 buctns       Green Choice FL    22.00-23.00
                                           Red Med-Lge FL     32.00-40.00
PINEAPPLE:        VL    1 layer ctns       Golden Ripe MX 7s        12.00
POTATOES:         VL    50 lb sks          Red Size A               16.00
                        10 5-lb flmbgs     Red Size A               20.00
RADISHES:         VL    crts bnchd         Red type 24s Holdovers   10.00
SPINACH:          VL    crts bnchd         Flat type 24s Holdovers  10.00
SQUASH:           VL    1/2 buctns         Zucchini Sml fair cond.  16.00
                                           Medium fair cond.        14.00
                        3/4 buctns         Crookneck Small          25.00
                                           Medium                   15.00
SWEET POTATOES:   VL    40 lb ctns         Orange type   
                                           U.S. NO 1 NC       17.00-20.00
                                           U.S. NO 1 MS             22.00
                                           US #2 NC/MS              15.00
                                           Jumbo NC/MS              15.00
                                           Purple MS          25.00-28.00
                                           Japanese type NC         25.00
TOMATOES:         VL    25 lb ctns         Vine Ripes Pink-Light Red
                                           Xlge/Jbo           24.00-28.00
                                           6x6 sz/5x6 sz      18.00-23.00
                  VL                       Green All Sizes    24.00-33.00
TOMATOES,GRAPE:   VL    12 1-pt cntrs      Red FL                   12.00
                        20 lb ctns         Red FL                   18.00
TOMATOES,PLUM:    VL    25 lb ctns         Roma Small FL            12.00
                                           Roma Xlge FL             15.00
CLEMENTINES:      VL    6 5-lb sks         CA                       20.00
GRAPEFRUIT:       VL    4/5 buctns         Red 40s FL               25.00
ORANGES:          VL    4/5 buctns         Navel FL           22.00-28.00
                                           Mid-Season 100s          23.00
                                           125s                     18.00
                        7/10 buctns        Navel CA 72s/113s        30.00
TANGELOS:         VL    4/5 buctns         Honeybell Fl 100s        25.00
TANGERINES:       VL    4/5 buctns         Tango FL 100s            31.00
                                           120s                     28.00

Remarks: These items also available Rice, Cheese, Eggs, Honey, Sliced
Meats, Butter, Jams, Ciders, Flowers, Plants, Trees, Christmas Trees,
Wreaths, etc.
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