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USDA - AMS: South Carolina Farmers Market - Columbia, SC (2021-03-17)

USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture - March 17, 2021

COLUMBIA, SC  Wednesday, March 17, 2021
South Carolina State Farmers Market - Prices to Growers

Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News
             Federal State Market News Office Columbia, SC


Columbia Farmers Market - Wholesale prices paid to Growers until 9:00 
a.m. for South Carolina grown produce unless otherwise stated.  Standard 
cartons/crates. Farmers' pack not necessarily USDA grades.  Prices 
subject to change without notice.

Recorder number: (803)737-5900 Office:(803)737-4497

     SIZES: jbo=jumbo, xlge=extra large, lge=large, med=medium sml=small
     VOLUME SYMBOLS: TFQ = Supplies insufficient to quote prices,
     VL=very light, F=few, L=light, M=moderate, H=heavy, VH=very heavy

COMMODITY         VOL   CONTAINERS         VARIETY                 PRICES
BEETS:            VL    dz bchs            Red type                 20.00
                        25 lb sks          Red type topped          12.00
CILANTRO:         VL    ctns bnchd         30s                      12.00
GREENS:           VL    1 1/9 buctns lse   Turnip Tops/Mustard      13.00
                                           Creasy type              13.00
                  VL    1 1/9 buctns bnchd Kale 24s                 13.00
                  VL    dz bnchs           Collards/Mustard         20.00
                                           Turnips w/root           20.00
ONIONS,GREEN:     VL    crts bnchd         24s                      12.00
                        ctns bnchd         Sweet type 24s           20.00
TURNIPS:          VL    25 lb sks          Topped Med-Lge     12.00-14.00
*****OUT OF STATE PRODUCE SOLD UNDER SHEDS (Buying Wholesale)************
BANANAS:          VL    40 lb ctns         #1                       21.00
                                           #2                       18.00
BEANS:            VL    bucrts             Snap & KY types          22.00
BRUSSELS SPROUTS  VL    bucrts             Sml-Med                  25.00
CABBAGE:          VL    50 lb ctns         Green Med                15.00
CORN,SWEET:       VL    4 dz crts          Yellow/White/Bi-Color    22.00
CUCUMBERS:        VL    1 1/9 buctns       Long Greens Sml    15.00-18.00
GRAPES:           VL 	 18 lb ctns         Red Globe XLge           20.00
ONIONS,DRY:       VL    50 lb sks          Yellow Jbo/Col     15.00-20.00
                                           Peru Sweet Jbo #2  14.00-16.00
                        40 lb ctns         Peru Sweet Jbo     27.00-30.00
                        10 5-lb sks        Peru Sweet Jbo           38.00
                        16 3-lb sks        Peru Sweet Med           35.00
PEACHES:          VL    ctns 2 layer       White Snow King CL       25.00
PECANS:           VL    50 lb sks          Stuarts GA              130.00
                        1 lb cntrs         Shelled Halves            8.00
                        5 lb cntrs         Shelled Halves           40.00
                        30 lb cntrs        Shelled Halves          220.00
PEPPERS,BELL:     VL    1 1/9 buctns       Green Cho FL             13.00
                                           Green Extra Large  18.00-20.00
                  VL                       Red Xlge MX              20.00
                                           Yellow Xlge              20.00
PINEAPPLE:        VL    ctns 1 layer       Golden Ripe 6s/7s  14.00-16.00
PLUMS:            VL    ctns 2 layer       Red type CL              30.00
POTATOES:         VL    50 lb sks          Red sz A #2 FL           20.00
RADISHES:         VL    40 lb sks          Red type topped          30.00
SQUASH:           VL    1/2 buctns         Zucchini Small FL        15.00
                                           Zucchini Medium FL 10.00-12.00
                        4/7 buctns         Zucchini Sml MX    10.00-15.00
                        1/2 buctns         Straightneck Sml         15.00
                                           Medium                   10.00
STRAWBERRIES:     VL    8 1-pt cntrs       FL Large           12.00-15.00
                                           Holdovers                 8.00
SWEET POTATOES:   F     40 lb ctns         Orange type   
                                           U.S. NO 1 NC       21.00-22.00
                                           U.S. NO 2 NC       12.00-17.00
                                           U.S. NO 2 MS             18.00
                                           Jumbo NC           15.00-18.00
TOMATOES:         VL    25 lb ctns         Vine Ripe Light Red
                                           Xlge/Jbo                 17.00
                                           5x6 sz             13.00-17.00
                                           6x6 sz             12.00-16.00
                                           Red All Sizes      13.00-14.00
                  VL                       Green 5x6 sz FL    18.00-20.00
                                           Yellow Xlge              22.00
TOMATOES,PLUM:    VL    25 lb ctns         Roma Large FL            12.00
TANGELOS:         VL    7/10 buctns        Minneola CA 100s         30.00

Remarks: These items also available Rice, Cheese, Eggs, Honey, Sliced
Meats, Butter, Jams, Ciders, Flowers, Plants, Trees, etc.
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10:25 ts 

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