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USDA - AMS: Wholesale Market Tropical F&V Report - Baltimore, MD (2019-01-09)

USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture - January 9, 2019

BALTIMORE Terminal Prices as of 09-JAN-2019                                    
Provided by:  Specialty Crops Market News                                      
              Federal - State Market News Service, USDA.                       
Phone:  (410) 799-4840     Fax:  (410) 799-8442                                

Weather at 7:00 a.m. Mostly Cloudy 44
Yesterday's High 52                                                                               

MISC TROPICAL FRUIT AND VEG                                                    
---ALOE LEAVES:  MARKET STEADY.  27 lb cartons MX 13.00-14.00 mostly 14.00     
---BANANA FLOWERS:  MARKET STEADY.  35-40 lb containers MX 26.00               
---BATATAS:  MARKET STEADY.  40 lb sacks FL 28.00                              
---BREADFRUIT:  MARKET STEADY.  40 lb cartons MX 29.50                         
---CALABAZA:  MARKET STEADY.  40 lb sacks CR 22.00 MX 18.00-20.00 mostly 18.00 
---CHAYOTE:  MARKET ABOUT STEADY.  40 lb cartons CR 19.50-21.00 mostly         
19.50-20.00 fair condition lower                                               
---COCONUTS:  MARKET STEADY.  40 lb cartons FL Water 9s 21.00-22.00 10s        
21.00-22.00 40 lb sacks MX Fresh 24s 34.00-35.00 28s 34.00-35.00 65-70 lb sacks
DR Dry 40s 29.00-31.00 cartons TL Young Type 9s 14.00-16.00                    
---DRAGON FRUIT (RED PITAYA):  MARKET STEADY.  4.5 kg cartons VN White Flesh 9s
40.00 Red Flesh 9s 53.00                                                       
---GALANGA (SIAM, THAI GINGER):  MARKET STEADY.  30 lb containers CA 62.00     
occas higher                                                                   
---GINGER ROOT:  MARKET STEADY.  30 lb cartons BR 35.00 occas higher CQ        
22.00-24.00 mostly 22.00 occas 26.00-29.00 5 lb cartons Local Repack 5.00 occas
---JACKFRUIT:  MARKET STEADY.  36-40 lb cartons per lb MX .90 occas higher and 
---JICAMA:  MARKET ABOUT STEADY.  38-40 lb containers MX 24.00-29.00 mostly    
24.00-25.00 fr cond 20.00-21.00                                                
---MAGUEY (AGAVE) LEAVES:  MARKET STEADY.  bundles 12s MX 23.00                
---MALANGA:  MARKET STEADY.  40 lb cartons EC Blanca 39.00 Lila 47.00-50.00    
---SUGARCANE:  MARKET LOWER.  40 lb bundles FL 16.00-20.00 mostly 16.00 Red    
20.00-22.00 mostly 20.00                                                       
---TAMARINDO:  MARKET STEADY.  25 lb cartons loose MX 54.00-59.00              
---TARO:  MARKET STEADY.  36 lb cartons EC Eddoes 30.00 40 lb sacks MX Dasheen 
(Coco, Islena) lge 22.00-23.00 occas higher                                    
---TARO LEAF: NO OFFERINGS.                                                    
---TEPEGUAJE (GUAJE): OFFERINGS LIGHT.   20 lb containers MX Green 36.00 occas 
higher and lower                                                               
---TOMATILLOS:  MARKET ABOUT STEADY.  38 lb reusable plastic containers (RPC)  
MX 30.00-39.00 mostly 30.00-32.00                                              
---TUMERIC:  MARKET STEADY.  40 lb mshsks JM Orange Type 73.00                 
---YAMPI:  MARKET STEADY.  40 lb cartons CR 75.00 JM 50.00                     
---YAMS (NAMES):  MARKET SLIGHTLY LOWER.  36 lb cartons CR Blanca 40.00-43.00  
40 lb cartons JM Yellow 98.00-100.00 fr qual 79.00 50 lb cartons GH Blanca     
50.00 occas higher                                                             
---YUCA (CASSAVA):  MARKET STEADY.  36 lb cartons EC 19.00-21.00 40 lb cartons 
CR 20.00-23.00 mostly 20.00-21.00                                              

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