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Managed Account Research, Inc.
Santa Barbara, CA USA Telephone: 805-966-7151 Email:
Managed Account Research, Inc. (MARI) is a managed futures research, advisory and brokerage specialist firm. MARI provides managed futures products and services to help high net worth individuals and institutions find both established and emerging money managers and build diversified managed futures portfolios. MARI's database covers over 250 CTAs and managed futures programs.
Manduca Trading LLC
Chicago, Il usa Telephone: 800-288-8802 /312-987-2052 Email:
Manduca Trading LLC has positioned itself as a one-stop brokerage firm for electronic and pit access trading. Serving all types of traders in the Forex and Futures markets. Great Rates but even a better service.
MBH Commodity Advisors Inc
Winnetka, Illinois USA Telephone: 1-800-678-5253; 847-291-1970 Email: -
FuturesWeb is presented weekly by Jake Bernstein, 29 year veteran trader, researcher, market analyst and writer. Author of more than 25 market books, Jake's specialties are seasonality, cycles, market timing, market sentiment, and trader psychology. Jake also publishes a weekly 8 page trading letter which features a daily hotline. FuturesWeb provides a FREE commodity market report every Monday.
Mickelson Commodities
Whitewater, Wisconsin USA Telephone: 414-473-2303 Email:
I have been a commodities broker for 20 yrs. I have been a trader for 25 yrs. I mostly trade livestock and grains for myself but as a broker I can trade any market. I am an introducing broker of Iowa Grain Co. and am very familiar with Ken Roberts and Larry Williams methods of trading. I would be happy to talk to anyone interested in me as their broker or about trading. Thank you, Gary Mickelson Mickelson Commodities
Midwest Futures
Norfolk, Nebraska USA Telephone: 1-800-672-8303 Email:
Whether you are looking for a broker for the first time or feel as though you are not getting all that you deserve out of your current broker, call or e-mail us to discuss our program and get a free booklet on trading in futures sent to you.
Midwest Strategic Investments
Cedar Rapids, Iowa USA Telephone: 800-350-5833 Email:
Midwest Strategic Investments, Inc. (MSI) is a full service commodity brokerage firm specializing in agricultural risk management and marketing strategies. We are located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the heart of agricultural production and processing. MSI's main objective is to help clients spread, transfer, and limit risk from the cash markets and transfer it to the futures and options markets. We have extensive experience with a broad range of clients, ranging from phases in early production to the retail stages of a commodity. MSI brokers have a strong commitment to communicating directly with clients on a regular basis to achieve specific risk management goals. Give us a call or email with questions or for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!
Chicago, IL USA Telephone: 888-942-7829 Email:
MFO aims to be at the leading edge of commodity trading technology providing the investor with the tools needed to make intelligent trading decisions and efficiently execute those transactions. At MFO, we believe that the customer comes first and that we are well on our way to providing you with the best customer service in our business.

Lt Crude 51.96
Nat Gas 3.445
Corn 373 6/8
Cotton #2 72.59
Gold 1288.5
Copper 2.6520
Euro 1.14620
USD Index 95.620
SP500 E-mini 2609.75
DJIA E-mini 24028