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Intraday Commodity Futures Price Chart: Dec. 2020

Wheat (Globex) (CBOT)

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Contract Specifications:ZW,CBOT
Trading Unit: 5,000 bushels
Tick Size: 1/4 cent/bushel ($12.50/contract)
Quoted Units: US $ per bushel
Initial Margin: $1,890   Maint Margin: $1,400
Contract Months: Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Dec
Last Trading Day: The business day prior to the 15th calendar day of the contract month.
Trading Hours: Sunday - Friday, 7:00 pm to 7:45 am and Monday - Friday, 8:30 am to 1:15 pm CT.
Cash Price: Cents/bushel
Daily Limit: $0.60 per bushel expandable to $0.90 and then to $1.35 when the market closes at limit bid or limit offer.


Wed 8/15/18

Mov Avg 3 lines Indicator:

Note: In evaluating the short term, plot1 represents the fast moving average, and plot2 is the slow moving average. For the longer term analysis, plot2 is the fast moving average and plot3 is the slow moving average

Conventional Interpretation - Short Term: The market is bearish because the fast moving average is below the slow moving average.

Additional Analysis - Short Term: The market is EXTREMELY BEARISH. Everything in this indicator is pointing to lower prices: the fast average is below the slow average; the fast average is on a downward slope from the previous bar; the slow average is on a downward slope from the previous bar; and price is below the fast average and the slow average. WARNING: Market momentum slowed down on this bar. This is indicated by the fact that the difference between the two moving average lines is smaller on this bar than on the previous bar. Its possible that we may see a market rally.

Conventional Interpretation - Long Term: The market is bullish because the fast moving average is above the slow moving average.

Additional Analysis - Long Term: Even though based on conventional interpretation the market is technically bullish, we will not classify it as extremely bullish until the following occurs: the fast moving average slope is up from the previous bar, price goes above the fast moving average, price goes above the slow moving average.

Mov Avg-Exponential Indicator:

Conventional Interpretation: Price is below the moving average so the trend is down.

Additional Analysis: CAUTION: The market trend has changed direction. Now the market trend is DOWN!

Swing Index Indicator:

Conventional Interpretation: The swing index has crossed zero, identifying this bar as a short term pivot point.

Additional Analysis: No additional interpretation.

Volatility Indicator: Volatility is in a downtrend based on a 9 bar moving average.

Open Interest Indicator: Open Interest is trending up based on a 9 bar moving average. This is normal as delivery approaches and indicates increased liquidity.

Important: This commentary is designed solely as a training tool for the understanding of technical analysis of the financial markets. It is not designed to provide any investment or other professional advice.

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