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Download End-of-day Futures Data Suitable for use in many software applications, including Microsoft Excel!

From any chart page, select the "Download EOD Data" link to access the easy-to-use market selector.

Select a market, then click the download button.

This service is not available for markets traded on the ICE Futures Exchange.

End-of-Day Futures Data

The resulting CSV futures price data file can be used in many software packages, including Microsoft Excel.

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Futures data opened in Microsoft Excel

The data download system remembers contracts for which you recently downloaded data.

You can easily choose a contract from the "Recent Downloads Quick List" tab, to download updated data

TradingCharts: providing futures data for over 15 years.

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The Premium Subscriber data download system also allows dowload of historical contract data -- great for intra-year or other historical analysis.

Access the entire collection of TC Premium Subscriber tools for about 10 cents per day

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These features are developed by TradingCharts specifically to serve the needs of advanced futures traders, students and researchers.

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