TC Premium Features

Become a TradingCharts Futures Premium Subscriber to access advanced features

For about $3 per month, Premium Subscribers can access many advanced features designed to meet needs of both novice and advanced futures traders -- both educational and analytical tools. In addition, Premium Subscribers may optionally choose the "No-Ads Add-on", which will allow you to enjoy the entire TradingCharts futures website with no ads showing on the pages.

Any single feature is well worth the subscription price. However, for convenience and simplicity, the premium features are provided in a single inexpensive subscription.

All market data is delayed the minimum amount required by each exchange.

Read highlights of the premium features below

Spread Charts

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Unique, unmatched spread charts -- allowing for flexible comparison of futures market prices. Great for spread traders BUT ALSO invaluable for researching correlations between markets and across time.

  • Common spreads are easily accessible.
  • Flexibility in generating custom spreads using a simple spread formula wizard
  • Inter-market, Intra-market and calendar spreads

Futures Spread Chart Example

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Advanced Futures Charts

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An exclusive feature for TradingCharts Premium Subscribers. Create, save and view customized advanced charts. Your market, your studies, and your timespan.

  • Select from over 30 technical indicators and overlays with completely customizable parameters
  • Intra-day, daily, weekly and monthly periods
  • Scalable, printable charts

Advanced Chart Example

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View an entire sector of futures prices and charts from a single web page, and create your own custom "My Markets" summary page.

  • At-a-glance view of futures intra-day charts, live snapshot prices and relevant news
  • Simple selection of "My Markets" that interest YOU
  • Quick access to advanced charting
  • Simple to use

Markets at a Glance Example

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Dynamic Intra-day Futures Charts

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Watch the markets unfold throughout the day with TradingCharts' premium intra-day futures charts.

  • Scalable, zoom-able, printable intra-day charts
  • Choose both period and timespan, with simple-to-use selector bar.
  • Barcharts, candlesticks and line charts
  • Simple to use

Dynamic Intra-day Chart Example

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Daily Futures Data Download

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Download end-of-day futures market data for most popular North American futures contracts in CSV format, suitable for easy importing for analysis in software applications including Microsoft Excel.

  • Instant download directly from chart pages or from a simple contract selection wizard
  • Current AND historic contracts
  • Available for most popular futures markets, except ICE futures

Daily Data Download Example

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No-Ads add-on

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View our futures site without advertising! With this add-on, available only for premium subscribers, all advertising on the TradingCharts' futures website will be removed

  • Faster viewing speed
  • Better use of screen space -- more information and less clutter

Example page with Ads


  • Busy page
  • Possible delay in loading
  • Screen space reduced

Example page without ads

After, with no-ads add-on

  • Simplified page layout
  • Faster loading
  • More screen space