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Futures Markets / Sectors at a Glance A dashboard overview, and drill-down into a sector, or set of markets you choose

This feature provides a quick view of an entire sector, or a group of markets of your choosing.

On each sector page is displayed a dynamic quote board, inter-sector comparison charts, quick access to relevant news stories, and advanced charts.

The image to the right portrays a portion of the Dynamic Quote Board.

Dynamic futures quote board

Directly beneath the Dynamic Quote Board is the Sector Comparison Chart, which portrays relative prices of each market in the sector.

This feature is designed to provide an overview -- with the ability to drill-down into -- all markets of interest, without leaving the page.

Futures price comparison chart

Near the bottom of each sector page are news headlines related to the sector or selected markets. Clicking on any headline brings up a quick, in-page view of the news story.

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Futures market news

An in-page view of the Premium Subscriber Advanced Charts can be accessed by clicking on any market name in the Dynamic Quote Board.

Advanced Charts are extremely flexible, providing access to over 40 technical studies, in flexible chart periods and spans.

Convenient advanced futures technical chart.

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These features are developed by TradingCharts specifically to serve the needs of advanced futures traders, students and researchers.

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