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Chicago, IL United States Telephone: 1-800-453-1617 Email:
Mike Hagan is an independent agricultural broker. Mike trades for elevators, farmers and also the average investor. If you would like to trade for yourself and you are looking for an electronic platform, Mike provides that also. The rate is $1 a turn.
E1 Asset Management
New York, New York United States Telephone: 212-425-2670 Email:
E1 Asset Management is an agency-only full service brokerage firm, serving both institutional and individual clients, domestic and foreign.
Eagle Market Makers, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois USA Telephone: 800 341 0834 Email:
My name is Kevin Matras and I'm an eleven year commodity broker using chart pattern analysis to time the markets. My site, contains useful information on technical analysis of chart patterns with over 100 chart examples. If technical analysis factors into your trading decisions (or if you wish it did), it's a must to check out. As a broker, I offer typically full service, broker assisted trading. Discount trading though, is also available to qualified traders. My affiliation is with Eagle Market Makers, Inc., a 16 year CBOT Clearing Member.
Edgemoore Financial Management
Telephone: 800-707-0044 Email:
Edgemoore Financial Management is a highly specialized commodity futures and options brokerage firm that provides personalized guidance and counsel to investors seeking to diversify their stock portfolios with alternative investments that may not necessarily be correlated with traditional asset classes. Approaching the market from a risk conscious perspective is a unique hallmark of our trading philosophy. We take an unbiased measure of the commodity futures and options markets before each trade strategy and/or commodity trading advisor (CTA) we recommend.
Orlando, FL USA Telephone: 407-888-2705 Email:
Offering clients technological solutions for trading futures. Electronic trading continues to change the way in which markets interact. eFloorTrade, LLC integrates complex algorithmic trading strategies into the eFloorTrader automatic trade execution platform while providing you with service in an increasingly electronic world.
Platteville, Wisconsin United States Telephone: 800/446-3887 Email:
Our goal is to make your trading experience successful and enjoyable. We provide responsive, professional, and courteous "one-ring" customer service. Robust online trading and traditional order desk support. We're not too small but also not so big that you get lost in the shuffle. Honest commission schedules with competitive "bottom line" pricing. No surprise or add-on fees. Flexible day trade margins and exchange minimum outright margins. Trade online, by telephone (24-hour service), or both. Service levels and platforms to accommodate all futures traders, beginners to professionals. Global execution, clearing, and settlement. Give us a call or visit us online for more information.
Eidetic Research
Reno, NV USA Telephone: 775-852-5172 Email:
We are in the business of providing futures market research that leads to logical trading strategies. Our 35 year background of active trading and account management gives us a practical approach to market analysis. To us, the three most important components of technical analysis are classic pattern recognition, momentum, and wave interpretation. Our approach applies those elements against a basic fundamental supply & demand backdrop.
Chicago, IL USA Telephone: 888-778-7234 Email:
Online futures broker specializing in emini futures trading, low rates and margins; 24 hour access. FREE DEMO!
Empire Futures LLC
New York, NY USA Telephone: 212-949-4433 Email:
With advisory experience in both domestic and offshore equities, derivative and fixed income marketplaces, Empire Futures serves those investors seeking a return on investment that is uncorrelated to the general equity and fixed income marketplace. We provide asset management to those investors interested in worldwide futures and options, trading, hedging, the "new" single stock futures and managed futures via audited CTAs.
Essex Futures
Irvine, California USA Telephone: 800-748-6123 Email:
Essex Futures is a full service futures and options firm and managed futures specialist which provides clients top rated managed futures and full service or online trading accounts. Our goal is to provide today's modern futures trader a supermarket of account choices specific to their individual investment objectives. We provide clients a state of the art website which we believe is one of the most comprehensive futures websites on the internet. This website allows our clients access to free live commodity quotes, java charts, research and news as well as many other useful reports, tools and services. It is our hope that you will choose Essex Futures for your commodity trading needs. We look forward to earning your business.
Excel Futures
Huntington Beach, California USA Telephone: 888-959-9955 Email:
Welcome to Excel Futures! We look forward to serving your Futures and Options trading needs. Our staff of knowledgeable brokers will gladly help you in any way. From the novice paper trader, to the expert that trades solely on the internet, Excel Futures is here to assist you. Please surf around our site. We think you will find it informative and engaging. Thanks for your interest in Excel Futures.

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