Futures Trading Course

Introduction to commodities & futures trading

An education course to help you learn about commodity / futures trading. From a brief history the origins of futures trading ... to an in-depth discussion of commodity / futures market trading with a description of the inner workings of a commodity exchange, this twelve-part beginners course will help get you started.

A free twelve-part short futures trading course

  1. A Brief History of Futures Trading
  2. What Is Traded in Futures Markets?
  3. Futures Exchanges - A look inside
  4. The Futures Contract
  5. Market Pressures - Why futures prices change
  6. Who Trades Futures and Why
  7. The Clearing House
  8. Market News and Analysis
  9. Taking A Position
  10. Taking Delivery
  11. Options on Futures
  12. A Safety Net (of sorts)

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