Speculation in Futures Markets
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Instructional time 1-2 hours; multimedia time: 33 minutes

This trading course will teach you to recognize the opportunities and dangers of speculation through examples and case studies, and gain insight on behaviors that indicate a person's vulnerability to loss in speculating on futures markets

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Outline, objectives & contents

  • Learning Objectives
    • Explain the vulnerability of farmers to speculate
    • when they think they are hedging
    • Explain the role of the speculator and broker in the marketplace
    • Explain the value of planning the hedging strategy rather than rely on the three human motivators of ego, fear and greed to help make marketing decisions

  • Sections
    • Introduction
    • Speculation
    • Why Speculators Lose Money
    • Ego
    • Fear
    • Greed
    • Plan Your Trades
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