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The Keystone CDRom futures courses are a unique and effective way to learn about trading futures markets. Lessons are presented in a casual, conversational style - almost like having a personal instructor to guide you toward success.

Courses are divided into chapters ... it's easy to learn at your own pace, and "fit lessons in" during spare moments in your schedule. Complete each chapter with a quiz to test your learning and guide you towards topics that might review.

Here are the courses ...

  • Technical Analysis [ click for outline & sample ]
    (Instructional Time: 4-6 hours; multimedia time: 40 minutes)
    • the basic indicators that can precede impending price change in futures and cash markets
    • how to interpret trendlines, support and resistance in futures and cash markets
    • charting and its practical application in business
    • how to construct accurate daily, weekly and monthly charts to assist in tracking price movements

  • Using the Futures Market [ click for outline & sample ]
    (Instructional time: 4-6 hours, multimedia time: 47 minutes)
    • how to use the futures market to speculate and manage markets
    • about futures positions, speculation and hedging
    • futures market terminology

  • Speculation: [ click for outline & sample ]
    (Instructional time 1-2 hours; multimedia time: 33 minutes)

    • recognize the opportunities and dangers of speculation through examples and case studies
    • gain insight on behaviors that indicate a person's vulnerability to loss in speculating on futures markets

    Understanding Basis [ click for outline & sample ]
    (Instructional time: 4-6 hours; multimedia time: 47 minutes)

    • how to use basis and futures to make price projections
    • how to set minimum and maximum prices for commodities
    • how to understand basis as an alternative to price risk

Hardware Requirements:

The courses are designed to be used on a wide variety of computer systems; the computer requirements are therefore minimal. Most computers purchased in the past 5 years should meet these requirements

The minimum computer requirements are: 486DX/33 or higher computer with 16 Mb of memory, 4x (or faster) cdrom, SVGA 256 color monitor, 10 Mb available hard drive space, Microsoft Window 95 or NT 4 (or newer) operating system, speakers or headphones

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This educational material is provided courtesy of Keystone Marketing Services, a leader in commodity market training.
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